Privacy Policy

We at CPP, use Google Analytics for analyzing traffic of our website which may collect few information like your age, gender, IP address, browser and approx. geographic location of your computer or mobile devices. But we strive to follow GDPR rules by taking actions like anonymizing IP address and not collecting data related to display advertising. Following Data, we gather using google analytics tools


Anyone can post comment at the end of every article. We highly recommend users of website to do not share any personal information like mobile number or other private details. As anti-spam policy, comments will not be displayed on website unless it is approved by any member from CPP.

IP Address and Personal Data

We anonymize IP address and disable gathering “Display Advertising” data to comply with GDPR policy. We also collect some perosnal data like nationality and behavioral data like for what time you stayed on website and which pages you visited for analyzing and improvising our site’s performance and overall ranking in google search engine.