The Graph (GRT) Price Prediction

The Graph launched main network that aim to empower decentralized apps and Finance. Graph protocol has developed to simply indexing and accessing of data from Blockchain with just simple query. So, with The Graph we could see real potential because we have something really working product rather than same useless DeFi project. in short words Graph protocol will act as bridge between dApps and different blockchain.

The Graph Price Prediction

The Graph Token i.e. GRT coin that followed by ERC-20 standard created on Ethereum Blockchain. GRT got huge response in ICO sale, as Token was distributed at price $0.03 USD with. As sale was ended in October 2020 but receives overwhelming response where $12 million worth token distributed. But after 2-months GRT open for trading on top trading platform, as GRT listed on platform like Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap and others. GRT soars to reach $0.70 USD in Price within one week of mainnet launch, as GRT possibly expected to reach $3 USD before mid of year 2021 and that means almost 9900% return for user who brought GRT token at ICO sale.

December 2020, will be deciding month for The Graph, as of writing it still struggle to break $0.70 USD level. As, if continue to gained market volume and Bitcoin, Ethereum prices i.e., market continues its bullish run then $1 USD mark possible even in before February 2021. The Graph continue 3x trading on Binance as Bitcoin has 10x trading that means somehow If token manages to cross $1 billion market cap then project ended up by landing in top 30.

Final Thought

Big thumbs up for The Graph and more like to be one of the project crypto project that may explode in upcoming year. The Graph is not just project who randomly launched following wave of DeFi, but team who puts all hard work that takes almost 3 year to launch this project. we know Decentralized application is future and it is necessary to have easy fetching of data from available blockchains, so The Graph could be key project that will be innovate and transform dApps in future.