Top 10 Crypto Staking Platform Service Provider with Low Fees

Staking in cryptocurrency is another way of passive earning. Just like you invest and earn interest on amount you put in fixed deposit bank account but with some more risk and high profit comparatively. Staking in crypto coins is a process in which you commit to deposit your money in order to help functioning of blockchain network(to help in validating transactions). In return you will earn some reward on timely basis for your commitment and dedication.

Staking comes under PoS(Proof of stake) consensus mechanism blockchain network. There are number of advantages of PoS versus PoW(Proof of Work) mechanism like scalability, less hardware resources, no need of miners for validating transactions. To know more about cryptocurrency staking process and best staking coins available in market you may go through our article below.

Best Staking Coins for Passive Income

Everyone wants to earn money passively. So, let’s understand what is passive income first. There are two kinds of earning one is active and other is passive. In active earning you will get paid until you are working or whenever you work you will be paid in return. But In passive earning you will get paid without doing any kind of work and anytime(even if when you are on a holiday or sleeping). If you have good amount of technical knowledge about cryptocurrency fundamentals and it’s working, then you are good to go with direct staking your cryptocurrencies by selecting any crypto exchange platform which offers staking as well. But if you are newbie or less confident about technical side of cryptocurrency staking then you could get help from Staking-as-a-Service platforms. Only thing about this staking service platform is you will need to pay more transaction fees (as their commission is included in it) comparatively with crypto exchanges offering staking.

Staking Service Provider / Exchange platformFounded In (Year)Country (Originated)Transaction Fees RangeTotal Assets AvailableHighest Reward Stake Coin Available
Binance2017China0 to 5%8Harmony(12.7%)
KuCoin2013Singapore10%16Loom N/W(17%)
Stake Capital2019France4 to 10%7Loom N/W(17%)
Stake.Fish2019South Korea4 to 20%11Loom N/W(16%)
StakeCube2018Not Available4%13Rapids(43.6%)
Btcpop2015Marshall Islands2%13Phore(24.57%)
HashQuarkNot AvailableChina0 to 30%17V Systems(12%)

Choosing a best crypto staking service provider platform or crypto trading  and staking platform is bit complex process as there is huge competition in cryptocurrency network. Also, neither all platforms support all cryptocurrencies not every platform has same transaction fees. One more important aspect is to check which and how many assets have been featured by staking platforms. Along with this we also must check trustworthiness or market credibility of staking platforms or services before making any investment decisions. You should always remember a risk of losing all your investment as cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and risky although there are chances of earning good return. You should always take advice from profession experts before making any investment related decisions. Following is an effort made by us to list out few good “cryptocurrency staking service providers” as well as “crypto exchange platforms which offers staking”.

  • Binance

Binance is leading cryptocurrency exchange platform which was founded in 2017. Although it’s just 3 years of short journey Binance can earn trust of many cryptocurrency investors. With acquiring WRX(India base crypto trading platform) like partners, Binance is slowly increasing their reach to crypto investors all over world. One of the major reasons behind this trust earning is security setup of Binance platform. Binance offers multiple coins stake including Tron, VeChain, Tezos, Neo, Harmony, Qtum, Komodo and Algorand with 24*7 support service. Binance is popular in crypto stake investors because of their negligible staking fee which is almost zero. As more you save on transaction fees is another kind of gain/reward.

  • MyContainer

MyContainer is Staking-as-a-service provide company based in Estonia and founded in 2019. MyContainer is popular because of their huge 18 coins availability for staking. Which also includers coins which can help you earn almost more than 20 or 30% rewards in return like Phore and BitGreen. Following are the few of popular stake coins available at MyContainer :-

Phore, BlackCoin, OKCash, BitGreen, Energi, Qtum and Wagerr

  • KuCoin

A Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2013 which also support crypto coin staking. It Supports almost 16 crypto coins for staking with transaction fees charge of around 5 to 10% which is quite affordable compared to other staking platforms. As this KuCoin 7 years old crypto trading platform it is trustable for many crypto investors.

  • Stake Capital

Stake Capital is leading financial tools and service provider, Singapore based company founded in the year 2019. It provides total 7 coins for staking at the transaction fess in the range of around 4 to 10%.

  • CoinBase

CoinBase(U.S. based) is also one of the top leading crypto trading platforms founded in 2011. As of now it only supports 2 coins for staking which includes Tezos and Cosmos at the rate of rewards 4.69% and 6.79% respectively.

  • Stake.Fish

Stake.Fish is South Korea based staking as a service provider company founded in 2019 which offers around 11 stake coins at the rate of transaction fees ranging between 10 to 20%. Tezos, EOS, Cosmos and Algorand are few of those popular stake coins offered by Stake.Fish

Following are few more popular staking as a service provider or crypto trading platforms. You could get more details like country, foundation year, featured assets and transaction fess about them in table provided in the middle of this article.

  • Kraken
  • Stakecube
  • Btcpop
  • HashQuark

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